Tim Schaefer attempts to Kickstart the still beating heart of the adventure genre


That’s right folks the man that brought you so many 90’s adventure classics such as Full Throttle, Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Grim Fandango is now flexing his indie muscle to fund a new point and click adventure game for Steam. The¬†Kickstarter¬†project dubbed “Double Fine Adventure” will be the developer’s first attempt to rally the ever loyal adventure game fans and have them fund it instead of a traditional publisher. Incentives for supporters of the project include perks as low as $15 such as the full game on Steam upon release as well 2Player Productions (famous for their documentary on Minecraft creator Notch) up to the last 4 sealed triangle box copies of Day of the Tentacle for $150,000. The Kickstarter currently needs $400,000 which Schaefer claims on the page’s video will be split up into “$100,000 for 2player productions to film the process and $300,00 to develop it.” He was quick to add that even if development of the game does not pan out that everyone who supports it will be able to watch and enjoy the whole process. At the moment the Kickstarter has already raised over $40,000 in about an hour of announcement, turning the idea of a community funded game into a plausible reality, perhaps even the revival of other genres such as space combat.


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The Kickstarter fund has just hit the 100K Mark, over an hour after it started. This really shows the power of a name and the internet.

Source : Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter

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