Refresh and Reload Podcast 11/10/12 – Nintendo DS Post-Mortem

The 3DS on the other hand...

We’re back in action, just in time to remember a passing away friend.

After a long unexpected hiatus, we’re back with a vengeance. A vengeance to keep podcasting that is. A few things have changed since our last podcast. We’ve changed the way we record and edit, which should be very apparent by the quality of the episode. Any comments or criticism of our new way are very welcome. We decided to kick things off with a really strong episode, a remembrance of the faithful DS. We discuss the system itself, and then talk about our favorite games, with of course a few moments of side talking (N-Gage not required), that mostly embarrassed me.

Intro: Mega Man ZA – Guardian Theme
Break: Hotel Dusk – Midnight
Outro:  Duke Nukem Trilogy 2008 Trailer


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