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Holla, Holla, Get Dolla!

The yet to be named project, is an effort by Tim Schaefer and Ron Gilbert, of Double Fine, of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle fame, seeks to revitalise and renew the Adventure Game, which was cut short , following the lacklustre sales of Grim Fandango, although cult following, one of LucasArts final game in the genre. ┬áIt’s this history of amazing storytelling and terrific gameplay, that Double Fine hoped to use to garner interest in an upcoming game, and it did.

Just 6 or so hours after the Kickstarter crowdfunding project was set up, the goal of $400,000 needed to fund their ideas, as well as a documentary on the exploits/misshaps of developing it, was reached. But with 33 days left to complete the goal, and no signs of slowing, two questions remain. How much will this project raise? And just how much do we love Adventure Games?

Regardless of the answer, this is a really big win for not only indie developers, but for developers currently sitting on great games, with not enough publisher support to make them, and although it requires you to display evidence that you are capable of creating a competent product, but also to make sure that the fans and backers of said projects, support your next game.

Notable backers include Notch, who donated a staggering $10,000 to the project, earning him the right to a lunch with Tim Schafer and Ron Gilbert, to which he posted on twitter that he opted to choose a painting in the game as an alternate prize, leaving the reward open to another lucky backer.

The more impressive pledges include the chance to win a picture of Ron Gilbert smiling, for a measly $30,000, and an UNDOCTORED photo of Ron Gilbert smiling, for an extra $5,000…

At least we know the humour is still there.

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