Sony and EA thought they were clever…


They weren’t though…

Recently, companies like EA and Sony were adding a clause to their EULA stating that if you use their service, you are not allowed to file a class-action lawsuit against them. To many, this seemed intrusive and kinda childish.

Of course, according to law, they cannot remove your right to do so entirely. They can, however, make it as hard for you as possible. They gave no option to opt out of that clause online, the only way you can do it is by sending them a physical letter via snail mail.

Fortunately, a service has come up that will do that for you. It’s called Gamers Opt Out. What they do is take a bit of information and will send a letter accordingly for you to opt out from that clause.

They do this all for free but you can choose to donate. The money will go to paying for stamps and paper and such. Any left over funds will go towards Electronic Frontier Foundation and Child’s Play. EFF being a digital rights advocate and Child’s Play being a charity that works to get toys and games and the like to sick kids in hospitals.

So if you feel you wish to retain the right to sue the company if they screw up, just hop over here
and fill out the form, maybe drop a few bucks. What have you got to lose, really?

Source : via Joystiq

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