Netflix to Split Service, Adds Game Rentals


Netflix announced on it’s blog today that they will be offering a game retail service similar to GameFly alongside the new rebranding of their DVD mailing service. The way it’s going to work is like this: The DVD service is being split into a new service under the name Qwikster. The game rentals will act like the Blu Ray upgrade, which is currently a $2 monthly charge on top of monthly fee. The streaming service is to stop being called Netflix Instant and will now simply be called Netflix.

If we are to assume that the game upgrade with cost about the same as the Blu Ray upgrade, so $2-$4, and the DVD service will stay the same at around $8, the total price will range from $10-15 with 1 game or DVD out at a time. Compare this to GameFly, which is $15 for one game out at a time. Of course, this is all speculation, but I think it would be safe to assume that Netflix would want to keep the prices close to what the current subscriptions are at.

Source : Netflix

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