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The Colors!

Andriasang has really been a big help these past couple of days. Not only did they break the news of the completely out of left field announcement of the Persona 4 fighting game by Arc System Works, but now they’ve gotten themselves a huge pile of high res screenshots. Colorful, over the top and beautifully rendered is exactly what I expect from Arc System Works, but I was still mesmerized by them. Seeing these characters duke it out in one-on-one particle effect filled combat really does something for me.

An interesting note, because they are high res, you can now clearly see the current roster of characters. Chie, Yosuke, Protagonist, Aigis, Kanji and I think Fuuka from P3. Fukka is the only one I’m not fully sure about. It’s hard to tell from the image. The arcana says High Priestess, and the characters that had that were Fuuka and Yukiko, and Fuuka most matches the image. Teddy can also be seen in the concept art, wearing a lovely M. Bison get up, which I believe strongly suggests that he will be a playable character.

Rise is in the game, but seems to act as the announcer, which makes sense given her role of support character in P4. This is what makes me second guess Fuuka being a character, seeing how she played the support character as well. If we’re to assume that the roster is fixed at 10 characters, then we still have 4 left to be announced. Personally, I’d like to see Junpei get in there somehow, simply to have both comic relief characters fighting each other. I’d also like to see some of the Social Link characters join in, like Dojima, but seeing how they wouldn’t have a persona to fight with, it’s highly unlikely.

Either way, I’m extremely excited for this. It’s such a weird concept, but could be so great if pulled off correctly.  I’m hoping Arc System Works leans more toward the Guilty Gear style of play rather than BlazBlue, though. I guess we’ll see soon enough.

UPDATE: I just noticed something. Take a look at the following two images (click to make full size):


Note how you seem to be able to select a different Persona for each character. If this is true, then there are two specific things that come to mind. One, the seemingly lacking roster doesn’t seem so bad now. If they have more than 10 Persona to choose from, or even if there are only 10, combining them with different characters could make the roster much more interesting and strategic. Two, it makes having characters like Fuuka, who didn’t show up in main combat in the original games, more likely. I’m hoping this is the case. Only 10 characters seems very low, and this type of system could really expand upon it. Keep a few things in mind, though. It could just be for color swapping. Although, if this is true, it’s odd that it names the Persona behind the character once selected. Could be a design choice, could be because you can select a different one.  Seeing as how it also says things like Navigation, that could mean either changing Rises color or possibly changing who is doing support altogether (which puts more doubt on Fuuka being playable). Not to mention changing Personas is completely contradictory to the canon of the Persona series. The main character is the only one who is able to switch personas, because he doesn’t have one (or a personality). Of course, a problem like that doesn’t mean much in a fighting game. We’ll see.

Source : Andriasang

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