Mechwarrior reboot resurfaces as free to play Mechwarrior Online


That’s right folks Piranha Games’ reboot of the Mechwarrior franchise that was thought to be dead in the water due to a legal troubles is still kicking. According to Inner Sphere News¬†the game is now known as Mechwarrior Online and will be a free to play tactical mech simulator in the vain of Mechwarrior 2 through 4. Similar to Mechassault 2, Chromehounds and the upcoming Armored Core 5 the game will feature a persistent war that Piranha games claims each day will represent a day of war in the Inner Sphere in 3050. A big part of this persistent war will include the ability to form your own mercenary lance of four pilots who can sell their mech killing services to those who require it, something I feel has yet to be executed correctly in any video game. Not mentioned in the release is the obvious change of art style to a cel-shaded look reminiscent of Borderlands, this change will likely polarize many of the fans of the Battletech license and the previous Mechwarrior PC games. To me it seems like a way to distinguish the game from the small handful of mech series that are still alive. Despite this drastic art style change it seems Piranha is trying to keep the game as much as a simulator as possible with Creative Director Bryan Ekman stating “joystick support is a strong probability”, keeping my hopes up that my Steel Battalion controller will yet again see the light of day. ¬†Piranha is currently looking for a Summer 2012 launch and is already allowing you to reserve your pilot name at their site. I remain very optimistic that this game along with Hawken and Armored Core 5 could be the revival the mech genre needs and the persistent war/mercenary mechanics should get those unfamiliar with the series interested in playing.

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