I Met Peter Moore

Peter Moore Headshot

Peter Moore, Chief Operation Officer at Electronic Arts

and other strange tales

So as I was winding down after a long day of doing nothing, well getting ready for the upcoming Electronics Boutique Expo on Saturday and Sunday, and enjoying a nice dinner with my mother (She’s a saint), I noticed a peculiar table of gentlemen (and women) sitting across from me.

They were making strange conversation dropping titbits of words I faintly understood. Words like “EA” and “Battlefield”, were the first of which tipped me off that this was a table to keep an eye on, well a much an eye as you can keep on a table when you’re grinning like a fox.

It took me a while, but I finally recognised one of the gentlemen at the table, it was none other than Peter Moore, the Chief Operations Officer of Electronic Arts, and much to my disgrace it took me a full ten minutes and lot’s of google to figure it out…

Never the less, at the end of our meal, I was getting quite nervous as I either had to put up, or shuttup and be branded a coward for the rest of my days. And again, much to my disgrace it took my mother asking who they were from to give me the courage to strike up a full conversation.

Peter Moore & Edward

Edward with Peter Moore

They asked me which games I liked, and answered with Mass Effect and the Battlefield series, to which Peter’s wife responded with “Oh Wow, those are our games! We’re the whole team from EA!” colour me shocked… I totally didn’t pick those on purpose. So yeah, I had a nice chat with them, they informed me that there was going to be a big reveal tomorrow at the EB games Expo, which was already planned in the schedule, so you’ll find out about that when it happens, or a little after… and told me not to be late.

After that I simply dissolved into a bit of a fanboy and asked for a photo, to which Peter obliged, the photo was taken, hands were shaken, my mind was achin’, and we paid our bill and disappeared into the night.

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