Crysis 1 Coming to PS3/360

That’s right folks the once Supercomputer crushing Crysis is being ported with some voodoo magic to the relatively less powerful Xbox 360 and PS3. You can check out the trailer here for some footage of a great looking  4 year old game running on a 360 if you’re into that.

So far no word on whether the Warhead expansion will be included or if any changes will be made to the multiplayer mode. Also worth noting is that the trailer claims the ports will feature “all new lighting, effects, and Nanosuit controls” which to me seems like another way of saying the game could be a little uglier and controls are different to work with consoles. Then again as someone who has yet to play this purported masterpiece and at the moment lacks a decent gaming PC this port makes a lot of sense for the many people who have only played the console versions of Crysis 2.

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