Beat Hazard Ultra Is Ready To Burn Your Retinas

The highly anticipated update to the indie music space shooter is out today. Get your sunglasses ready.

Beat Hazard Ultra, a $5 (currently 10% off) downloadable update, adds tons of features to fantastic, yet somewhat shallow, music game from last year. The features include:

  • Online modes, Co-op and Head to Head
  • New enemy types and bosses
  • Perk and Currency System
  • 3 New Power Ups
  • New Single Player Mode: Boss Rush

Ultra also comes with over an hour of new independent music to use in the game. When you first start up the game, to balance the new leaderboards, you can either reset your score or divide it to. It is suggested you reset your score so that you can get introduced to the new perk system easier.

Currently Ultra is only available on Steam, and it seems like that is the way it is going to stay that way for awhile. Cold Beam Games submitted the game for XBLA approval, but was denied. Hopefully XBLA players will be able to experience the game soon, but until them, the Steam version is a’waitin’.

Expect a full review of the update soon.

Buy Beat Hazard Ultra On Steam

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