Baker’s Tirades: on Reselling

Well it’s a new year, and a new me, well not quite, it’s a short rant this time, and a little less angry, but still off kilter…

As I went on about last time, pricing of video games is heinous, even more so in this country, with limited editions of new release PS3 and Xbox360 games ranging between $150-$250AU, and regular editions of these titles around $120AU, the problem with reselling of pre-owned games adds more fuel to my hate-furnace.

Let’s begin with the basics, now you all know the big two, GameStop and Game, everyone knows these two, and if you’re smart enough, you know that these guys are the fucking devil when it comes to the destruction of the proper chain of retailing. See the way games are made is, Developers pray to the gods of producers to grant them the moolah necessary to make the game of their dreams, they show them pretty images, and woo them with loud noises and pretty colours in the effort to make them cough up their wallets. However, the Producers are only interested in one thing: how much am I going to get back on “My Little Pony: 2 – Mastery of the Blade”? this affects how the game is crafted and moulded to appeal to the drone audience (psst, that’s you). Now, say “My Little Pony: 2 – Mastery of the Blade” becomes a best seller, that’s not a problem, except it is, because most of these sales end up being returned because the multiplayer isn’t HARDCORE enough, this game is then put back on the shelves, and resold to the sheep at near face value.

Figure 1: through a simple exchange, Game & GameStop are effectively stealing, yeah, that's right, they are now pirates, arrrrrrr.


Essentially the way that GameStop and Game have controlled the industry is through their own system of selling at market price, trade-ins at a pittance, and re-selling at near price, with all the money from the re-sales going back into their pockets, none of it seeing the original producers eyes, let alone the developers, still craving the tablescraps left behind after they are closed by Activision… Fuck, flashback. They have created a legalised form of piracy (yeah, I’m going there), and I can bet you, that the lost sales to the PRODUCERS and DEVELOPERS through resales from Game and GameStop, account for a much larger percentage than from piracy, as pirates tend to try before they buy, and are much more likely to keep a game for life.

So all in all, Game & GameStop are single-handedly creating an industry where developers and producers can no longer afford to make the product in which they are exploiting, sure there’ll always be the gigantic sellers like Call of Duty, and Hola, but all the little guys, will cease to exist, good game dicks, R.I.P. Pandemic.

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Edward is the Australian Asshole of the group, you'll often find him bitching about censorship or the fact that he gets shafted on most video game releases. Solid has a penchant to rattle on about little niggling parts of games that he gets angry with and tends to get angry with them often. He owns most of the current systems and a lot of the older systems, and has a general distaste of most of the current generation of games, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy them all the same.