The Battle Of The Band Centric Rock Band Games

This is it. Classic pop rock vs. the revival of proto-punk. But this isn’t any battle, this is a battle of plastic instrument proportions.

On September 9th, 2009, Harmomix released their first single band-centric version of their top selling rhythm franchise Rock Band. With a complete facelift from their last release, Rock Band 2, and a song list made entirely of Beatles hits, this seemed almost destined to make money. The conclusion was not what everyone expected but it was still a top notch game.

On June 8th, 2010, Harmonix rolled out the next of their band-centric Rock Band games. This time they tapped the music of chart topping punk rockers, Green Day. With the ability to tap into a younger audience with more modern music, everyone thought it would sell even better than The Beatles. but to no avail.

In the end, they released two very good games, both with their pros and cons. But one is better than the other and it is my self-proclaimed right to be the decider of this battle.

Graphically, the two are on par. The interesting thing about that is Green Day had full motion capture of the band members so their likeness is spot on. The Beatles, with two of them having passed away years ago, had to rely on caricatures in order to get the look, resulting in a very quirky but still realistic interpretation of them. In the end, despite varied styles, they come out of that fight a tie.

The Beatles: 0.5

Green Day: 0.5

Gameplay-wise, there isn’t much of a fight as they are based on the same engine and the same game in general. But the art styles they have are radically different. The Beatles is wholly more colourful and vibrant. They chose to go down a route that goes as far to change the colours of the pads and buttons that hit the falling notes to be more fitting to the era. Green Day, on the other hand, chose not to change anything for the scrolling notes making it spitting image of Rock Band 1 and 2. And because of that, The Beatles comes out on top. Oh, and Green Day has some really repetitive drum charts. Just sayin’…

Prepare to see this drum pattern a lot.

The Beatles: 1.5

Green Day: 0.5

Song list. This is a tough one because it really comes down to preference. But I am fully capable of making the decision because I am a fan of both bands pretty equally. This is no contest though. The Beatles win this single-handedly. The song list spans almost their whole career, spreading from the early Twist And Shout to the late I Want You (She’s So Heavy). It not only has the hits but some favourites that fell between the cracks over the years. Green Day really holes itself in. They chose a different method of choosing songs but they kept it very limited in that save for a few songs, the only kept it to three whole albums; Dookie, American Idiot, and 21st Century Breakdown. It doesn’t even span their career, just their highest rated albums, They are good but this is very disappointing. The Beatles have them beat here as well

The Beatles: 2.5

Green Day: 0.5

For DLC, The Beatles have whole albums. Green Day has nothing.

The Beatles: 3.5

Green Day: 0.5

And so, by a landslide victory, The Beatles have succeeded in taking the band-centric Rock Band trophy. Green Day is good but they put a lot more effort in The Beatles.

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