TF2 Adds Store, Ruins Balance for the Poor

Finally I can buy that hat I’ve been spending hours crafting junk for! Wait, it does what?!

Today, Valve has released the long awaited update that would add the ability for players to trade items with each other and the Polycount pack which adds several new community made weapons but with a slight twist. Along with these big features Valve has now set up a store that will allow players to buy, sell and trade in game crafted items with (here’s the catch) real money that you put in your Steam Wallet. Now this is hardly unexpected as Valve explained when they put the Steam Wallet into beta it would be used mainly for microtransactions and honestly you probably want to buy that hat instead of working for it don’t you? Regardless big stuff like hats will remain expensive, most people won’t buy stuff, complainers will continue to not play the game and the sweat shops to start farming TF2 to craft items are revving up. My big problem with this update is a fairly significant change that Valve managed to sneak in with the patch notes, item sets.

God help us.

Item sets are a group of related items that can give you a significant bonus for wearing them all, not all of them are necessarily hard to find except for the notorious hats. The likelihood that you’ll get a hat from a random drop is extremely slim and even getting the hat you want crafting it is hard, now with this new store anyone with some cash can simply buy the hat and any other gear then get a pretty big advantage, such as 30% resistance to sentries for the soldier, or making you fucking headshot resistant. This is a absolutely huge balance killer for the game if someone with more money can survive a headshot, why even bother trying when you know that someone willing to shell out $20 can make themselves like a god. While it is true many servers offer similar features they only apply to one place and very few people use them anyway.

The heavy was trying to warn us...

This really seems like an odd play for Valve especially considering their previous track record of giving away updates and downloadable content for free to any Steam owners of their games. While the ability for players to sell their items and get a small percent of the price back is a nice feature Valve will always have the leg up on the community with the ability to infinitely craft whatever items they want. With hats currently more expensive than the actual game Valve will probably end up getting more than enough money to continue funding the hellish development spiral that is Episode 3.

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