Sqeenix, the frig are you doing?

This means they’re very confident or very cautious of Final Fantasy XIV.

Apparently, Square-Enix has been sending out emails to review publications (not ours…) telling them not to review their latest release, Final Fantasy XIV, until 3-4 weeks after the game launches. Now, some sites have already reviewed it and the general consensus is not good.

This, to me, raises a red flag. They claim it is so people can get acquainted with the game and allow it to grow a little bit before passing judgement. I say it’s because after the beta and what people thought of the restrictions on playing, they want as little bad press as possible so they can get the most sales before letting the bomb drop that it is incredibly mediocre. Thus leaving those who bought it out 60 bucks or however much it costs.

But I digress. I’m not much of an MMO guy so I can’t give a proper analysis of this game. My assumptions are that it’s alright but nothing amazing. As for Sqeenix? Well, let’s just say this is looking sketchy as hell.

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