Sharks vs. Humans: The Game

A Jaws-esque game that doesn’t look like shit? Say it ain’t so!

What if you were to take the terror of the movie Jaws and combine it with the multiplayer of Left4Dead? You would get Depth, of course. This underwater multiplayer game that is being developed by several of the same people who made the hit game Killing Floor, will put you in the mind of either a diver or a shark. That’s right, a motherf*cking shark.

The objective of the human diver team is to go into the water and retrieve a rare artifact or piece of treasure hidden in shipwrecks.

The objective of the sharks is to stop them. By killing them. Gratuitous blood ensues.

So far, no release date is set but what is done looks very clean and polished. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw this for download within 2011.

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