Refresh and Reload Episode 9: Sexual Podcasting

Oh baby, it get’s funky fresh in this episode, despite missing half the hosts.

Into the sea of podcasting we sail! In this episode we talked good deal about, you guess it, video games. You will also hear a bit about cartoons and Marvin Gaye.  Sidfiou and SolidBaker were not able to make it to this weeks recording, but we were still able to manage to get a pretty good episode out. AKD whines about sucking at Demon’s Souls, Glob explored the magic of demos while defending Dante’s Infernos insane story, and Godot discovered that Snoopy Flying Ace is actually a good game.

Oh, you’ll hear that this week we did some extra editing and have background music now. We’re gonna try to do this every time. If you have any comments about it, please send us an email.

Intro Song: Demon’s Souls – Theme of Phalanx
Break Song: Snoopy Flying Ace trailer
Outro Song: Marvin Gaye – I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Background Music: All Chiptunes, All The Time

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