Refresh and Reload Episode 8: Fugitiv’ Huntin’

Saving the world from terrorists, one podcast at a time.

Yes, we are a little late this week, but some things came up (tornado’s).  Do not fret though, we have a jam packed episode for you. Godot gave Warhammer: Chaos Rising a try while closing in on the ending to Dragon Age: Origins, Globulous played the Green Day: Rock Band demo (for some reason), Sidfiou continued to break in horses in Red Dead Redemption, SolidBaker played Mass Effect 2 after his insanely fast speed run of the first one and AKD complained about Super Mario Galaxy 2 (even though he loved it).

You will also hear us talk about Insomniac going multiplatform, how Rock Band 3 will have an instrument that has keys and the weird new PS3 subscription rumor. We also reminisce about the best worst games ever made: Stuntman, Fugitive Hunter and Spyhunter.

Intro Song: Super Mario Galaxy 2 Theme – Remix
Outro Song: Deadly Premonition’s Whistle Theme

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