Refresh and Reload Episode 22: Life Lessons

Take heed, this is important

In this cast, you’ll learn important things, such as not to wear metal codpieces if you’re facing Magneto, perfect attendance doesn’t matter, and much more. For games, Sidfiou advises not to buy Metroid: Other M, AKD recommends Mass Effect 2’s Liara DLC, SolidBaker informs about Anno 1404, and Globulous stands as a warning to play more games. Important news will be relayed, such as macs getting the GTA trilogy, Kaz Hirai gets a clue about the PSP Go’s faults, and Pokemon Black and White is apparently perfect.

Intro Music: Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Song of Healing
Break: Viva Pinata commercial
Outro Music: Persona 3 – Battle theme

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Eric is the editor of the casts (usually). The cheapass of the group, he finds deals and other bits of info. Owns almost all the latest consoles and enjoys most games, specifically FPS and action games.