Refresh and Reload Episode 19: Best ‘Cast Ever

Audio issues be damned!

Sidfiou keeps forgetting his name, Globulous is a paragon of sensitivity, SolidBaker enters the Matrix while getting mad at Soul Calibur IV, AKD ritualistically plays the Sims, and everyone mistakes Voldo for Volvo. Yep, it doesn’t get much better than this folks. Also, Mass Effect 2 comes to the PS3, Ubisoft’s store lays an egg, Naked Snake is soon to be available in toy form, and much more.

#note- SolidBaker’s audio can get pretty bad at times. Please bear with it.

Intro Music: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World – Making Movies
Break Music: Mega 64- Cold Fear Ad #3
Outro Music: Soul Calibur IV – Uncovered History

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Eric is the editor of the casts (usually). The cheapass of the group, he finds deals and other bits of info. Owns almost all the latest consoles and enjoys most games, specifically FPS and action games.