Refresh and Reload Episode 16: Baby and The Dude

While it may be a little light, game-wise, there’s still enough cast to be had.

AKD discusses the story merits of Dante’s Inferno, Amby takes a chance on the alpha of Minecraft, Globulous goes local for Critter Crunch, Godot mech’s out with Armored Core 4 Answer, Section 8, and Robotech Battlecry, and Sidfiou does nothing. Also featured: discussions on a Big Lebowski game, Nintendo announcing a date for an announcement, fake French MvC3 cast lists, and much more.

Intro Music: Super Castlevania IV – Bloody Tears
Special Outro Segment: matching consoles with their start-up sound, featuring Nights music and an unholy concoction to cap off the cast

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Eric is the editor of the casts (usually). The cheapass of the group, he finds deals and other bits of info. Owns almost all the latest consoles and enjoys most games, specifically FPS and action games.