Refresh and Reload Episode 15: Christmas for Godot

Universes colliding, street fighters and tekken’s fighting together, mass hysteria!

This week on the cast: everyone but Globulous plays Alien Swarm, but he finally gets his Masters degree in Picross 3D. News-wise: new Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 characters, Infinity Ward not charging for multiplayer, Alice 2, and… oh yeah, Street Fighter X Tekken and vice versa.

Intro Music: Street Fighter IV – Cammy Theme
Break Music: /v/ sings Escape from the City from Sonic Adventure
Outro Music: Street Fighter II – Guile Theme

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Eric is the editor of the casts (usually). The cheapass of the group, he finds deals and other bits of info. Owns almost all the latest consoles and enjoys most games, specifically FPS and action games.