Refresh and Reload Episode 14: Loads of Money!

You don’t need punctuality when you’ve got LOADS OF MONEY

This week on the cast: AKD demonstrates both his Russian and Japanese accents at the same time when talking about EVO 2010, Globulous begins pushing the boulder up the hill again by starting up Earthbound while SolidBaker finishes the singleplayer campaign of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Godot gets bored and tries to find out if he’s the Deadliest Warrior, and Sidfiou gets disappointed with No More Heroes 2. Also, Amby shows up to talk about Persona 3 Portable, and much more.

Here’s a link to “The Chair” Duke Nukem Forever story Sidfiou mentions.

Intro Music: Pink Floyd – Money
Break Music: Sn1pe456 – Killing Floor Money Song
Outro Music: Harry Enfield – Loadsamoney

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