Refresh and Reload Episode 13: Sidfiou Buys Everything

Out of the fray and onto the internet, Refresh and Reload returns with another podcast to wow the ears and open the minds. Also, video games.

This week we take on the mighty 4th of July Steam sale, the very sale that might be responsible for putting Sidfiou in the poor house after buying everything. We also take about which Zelda is the best Zelda (I.E. Majora’s Mask) and complain about Canada. AKD takes longer than he should about Singularity and why you should buy it, Godot tells us that Team Fortress 2 is better than it used to be, Globulous played 3D Dot Game Heroes while proving he doesn’t have good taste in music, Sidfiou breaks the bank, and SolidBaker takes about Resident Evil Zero before his internet betrays him.

We also mention some news stories, like Hulu being a scam, Diablo being old and Heavy Rain being stupid.

Intro Music: Ghost Song – Majora’s Mask
Break Music: Third Day – Majora’s Mask
Outro Music: The Protomen – Light Up The Night

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Addison is a bit of a jerk. His favorite game is The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. This is really all there is to him. Very hollow, very boring.