Refresh and Reload Episode 12: There and Back Again

E3 struck, leaving very little news in its wake.

AKD jumps in just in time to talk about said news. Included on the cast this week: famous people doing ordinary things, 3DS (ed note- *maybe*) not coming until 2011, Defense Grid, Just Cause 2, StarCraft II LAN, MAG,  a little known game called Uplink, and much more.

Intro music: Hideki Naganuma- Concept of Love
Break: jarosh & Tak Fuji – One Million Troops
End music: Hideki Naganuma- Funky Dealer

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Eric is the editor of the casts (usually). The cheapass of the group, he finds deals and other bits of info. Owns almost all the latest consoles and enjoys most games, specifically FPS and action games.