Now I’ve seen everything…

In yet another surprise fighting game announcement at Comic Con, Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono announced the recently rumored Namco/Capcom fighting game crossover and more. (trailer and shaky cam gameplay after the break) The game will run on the Street Fighter IV engine and feature a two player tag system. The game is going to be developed by Ono’s team while his Namco counterpart, Katsuhiro Harada will be working on Tekken X Street Fighter which will presumably a full 3D fighting game.

I’m not exactly the biggest Tekken fan but there are very few Capcom crossover games that I don’t enjoy especially on the Capcom development side. The biggest worry I have with this is that the Tekken characters might not translate as well into a 2D game and vice versa for Street Fighter. Tekken characters require far more crazy strings of button combos which except for maybe Akuma, Street Fighter isn’t really known for and I don’t even need to mention the horrendous Street Fighter EX series. Regardless Capcom will have plenty of time to make sure the game is polished, the release date has been confirmed to be after next year’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Tekken X Street Fighter on the otherhand probably won’t be until early 2012, which could very well coincide with the oft-rumored Darkstalkers 4.

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