New Characters Coming to Super Street Fighter IV

Rumors have been flying around that the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV would get additional character, this has been all but confirmed in a recent screenshot from a playtest version of the game.¬†According to this screenshot we will be getting at least two new characters in the arcade version, which producer Yoshinori Ono earlier confirmed would be added to console versions of the game. A recently pulled post on detailing all gaming news from Comic-Con included a bit detailing 7 new characters coming to the arcade version including Street Fighter 3’s Alex and Alpha’s Rolento.

So what other characters could they possibly add from the Street Fighter series? Well let me tell you my friend my top 5 picks.

1. Oro: The dude is nearly 200 years old, fights with one hand and takes Ryu as his apprentice. Need I say more?

2. Charlie: Guile’s best friend, badass American, and creator of Guile’s fighting style. Oh and he does his flash kick BACKWARDS.

3. Gill: Seth isn’t the cheap boss he once was, Street Fighter 3’s final boss can fill that void easily. RESSURECTION!

4. Eagle: Capcom failed to make Dudley a true English gentleman, so Eagle is the natural choice to fill that void. He also hasn’t appeared in a fighting game since Capcom vs. SNK 2.

5. Evil Ryu: The 12 year old’s constant screaming for him will probably force Capcom’s hand, I like him slightly better than Akuma anyway.

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