Monday Night Combat Review

Before I talk about whether or not Monday Night Combat is a good game let me get out of the way that this is not your typical shooter. Any comparisons to Team Fortress 2 or Unreal Tournament (or hell even The Running Man) that you have heard are only based on the appearance, however the comparisons to the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of The Ancients are actually quite valid.  Much like DoTA at its heart this game is all about maintaining control of a small battlefield with 2-3 main lanes, robot minions who you need to break down the shield of the enemy moneyball and maintaining the turrets defending your base. The main difference from DoTA style games is the game takes uses an over the shoulder perspective and with most classes you are shooting guns at the enemy instead of swinging swords at casting spells.

Assassin vs. Jackbot

Expect to see a lot of people picking the Assassin online

At their basic level the classes some of the classes do match up with their DoTA counterparts such as the Support buffing players and keeping the base defended with turrets and the Assassin being a very fragile close quarters expert. Monday Night Combat does offer a few twists on the genre with various types of bot minions, from the tiny Buzzer’s to the monstrous Jackbot XL and upgradeable player skills like Deploy ability for the Tank and Gunner which basically turns them into a living turret eventually capable of deflecting headshots. Each character has a fairly unique personality and are generally entertaining to hear even after the first couple times except for the Sniper who epitomizes the typical jerk that tends to play snipers in multiplayer games. The game itself definitely has a funny sort of deathsport gameshow presentation with the Captain Quark voiced announcer constantly shouting nonsense, the dancing short shorts wearing mascot Bullseye and the very rare bacon power up. (which apparently makes you better at everything)

Monday Night Combat Arena

All of the levels in the game follow this basic 3 lane structure

This is the type of game that will live or die by it’s online play and by no means is it lacking in that department. The game features two modes of play, Crossfire the main DoTA style mode with two teams of six attempting to destroy each other’s moneyball and Blitz with 4 players defending a single moneyball  from multiple waves of robots. Blitz is very entertaining if you just want to kill some robots with your friends and manage some a fairly heavy level  of tower defense at the same time. The matchmaking is structured much like a Halo or Call of Duty with the ability to party up with a group of friends and hop into a match or even set up a private room just for friends. The game also features a small level of persistence with the ability to spend the money you earn in game on Modern Warfare style titles and Custom Classes, allowing you to stand out from the sea of Assassins you’ll be sure to find online.


For the most part the MNC Pros have great personalities, except for this jerk.

At the time of this review the game does suffer from some glitches ranging from minor framerate drops to the crippling loss of connection, long host migrations and getting stuck in invisible menus forcing you to return to the dashboard, Uber has stated a patch is inbound. One major feature that I felt was missing was a way to check the overhead map that shows all turrets and bots when you’re alive, currently it is only available as one of the spectator views when respawning. In conclusion Monday Night Combat will be probably be remembered as the flagship title of this Summer of Arcade much like Shadow Complex was last year. The multiplayer will continue to keep you coming back for more and it seems Uber Entertainment is going to try and keep the game supported with on the fly balance updates and new maps. Fans of DoTA, class based shooters or even just complete insanity will be sure to find something to enjoy from Monday Night Combat.

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