It Begins!

Well that time is finally upon us, the launch of the Refresh & Reload podcast and website.

You can grab it directly from our website, and listen to it at work or wherever you happen to be, or download it from iTunes. In it we cover the hard news such as the new Pokemon game and Modern Warfare 2’s map packs. Over on our reviews page which is growing quite nicely you can check out Reviews of Dante’s Inferno and Just Cause, by Globulous and myself SolidBaker respectively.

Each week the intro and outro songs for the podcast will be listed as well as some of the topics we discussed, so that you can enjoy some of the gaming music that we’d be more than happy to share with you. We look forward to you returning each week for a new podcast and new reviews which are updated daily. So until next time, get out of here stalker.

About SolidBaker

Edward is the Australian Asshole of the group, you'll often find him bitching about censorship or the fact that he gets shafted on most video game releases. Solid has a penchant to rattle on about little niggling parts of games that he gets angry with and tends to get angry with them often. He owns most of the current systems and a lot of the older systems, and has a general distaste of most of the current generation of games, but that doesn't mean he can't enjoy them all the same.