Hydro Storm! New Gameplay Footage of the New Castlevania game

Well, with it’s release date creeping ever closer, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is looking every bit as beautiful as we’d imagined.The latest installment in the Castlevania series, Lords of Shadow, takes a step forward from the sidescrolling Metroid-style exploration, whilst keeping plenty of the hack & slash, and seems to be adding a bit more, from recent games like God of War and Devil May Cry/ Bayonetta style combo hack & slash games. But I bet you would have never guess that one of the games that Konami drew some inspiration from was our old favourite Shadow of the Colossus? Niether did I.

A recent 11 minute video released by Konami details various aspects of the gameplay, along with storyline and boasting of around 20+ hours of gameplay. Now I’m assuming that this is only for one run through, and if so, I would be plenty fine with that, but even viewing the video makes me cream myself with anticipation. Seeing the new main character Gabriel Belmont, voiced by Robert Carlyle, utterly destroy towering titans that stand in his way Shadow of the Colossus style and using his “combat Cross” (pretty much a new way of saying the Belmont whip) and flinging enemies everywhere, was one of the most satisfying things I’ve seen in recent times.

So onto the story. The video goes on to reveal that Gabriel’s wife has been murdered, and because of the corruption upon the land, she is stuck in limbo, and in order to return her to life, and save the rest of the world’s population from becoming the walking apathetic, Gabriel must collect the three pieces of a mask from the Lords of Shadow to break the spell. Sounds pretty generic right? well let me ask you a question, since when has Castlevania been about anything other than evil rises, badass dude returns to put evil in the ground with a fucking whip? arguably the Metroidvania games, but that was still pretty much the same story. The fact that this game chooses to evade that from the outset and seems like a new title that requires no previous knowledge of the series, makes me feel like this one could be a winner, but you just know that the final boss will be Dracula.

Plus did I mention Robert Carlyle and Patrick Stewart are the protagonist and side-kick respectively? FUCK YEAH!

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