DMC's New Dante

The makeover that Devil May Cry has been looking for?

After the departure of the series father, Hideki Kamiya and the middling Devil May Cry 4 Capcom has seen fit to hand the series over to a new studio.  That studio just happens to be Ninja Theory developers of Heavenly Sword and the upcoming Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.  Instead of continuing on with Nero and Dante after the events of 4, they’ve decided to go ahead and reboot the series with a much younger, black and silver haired (!) Dante. Check out the trailer below to see Dante in all his burnt out and tortured punk glory.

As someone who enjoyed Devil May Cry 3 a hell of a lot and was fairly unimpressed by 4 this move to a new studio could be the breath of fresh air that the series needs so badly. After Platinum Game’s Bayonetta (which was incidentally directed by Hideki Kimiya) character action games have started to feel far too restrained and slow to me. Going from Bayonetta’s constant insanity and excellent gameplay mechanic of being able to dodge out of an animation at any time to Devil May Cry 4’s by comparison archaic gameplay and horrible puzzle solving has made DMC feel like an antique. The timing could not be any more perfect but will a drastic visual and narrative change be enough to save the franchise?

DMC 3 Dante and Vergil

If Final Fantasy VII taught us anything white hair instantly makes you badass.

Personally after the addition of Nero to the ridiculously powerful cocky hero/anti-hero crowd of the series I was starting to get sick of the whole affair. Sure Dante and Virgil were cool at the time but let’s face it the main reason was what they did, not how they looked. Dante could look like Gabe Newell for all I care so long as he still spun around on his enemies with dual pistols and used pool tables as ramps, I definitely couldn’t say the same vice-versa.

DMC Screenshot 2

I wish I had the photoshop skills to put Gabe Newell in this and make him spin around on Gordon Freeman's corpse.

Regardless of appearances Ninja Theory still has a huge hurdle ahead of itself in not only nailing the absurdity of DMC’s combat but taking it above and beyond if it’s to have any hope of taking on Bayonetta. Considering how frustrating just one on one combat was in Heavenly Sword especially any time you played as Nariko they have quite a long way to go.

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