And now we play the waiting game…

Now that the rush to get the 3DS news on the internet has passed, I can take my dear, sweet time in describing the freshly announced details from very early this morning. You better be grateful, I lost sleep over this thing.

So lets go down what we know.

  • Releases in Japan on February 26th, 2011 for ¥25 000 (∼$299 USD)
  • Releases in NA, EU, and AU in March 2011. Exact date and price has yet to be announced
  • Will come in Black, Blue, and Red but colours will vary depending on region
  • A 2 GB SD card will come packaged in with the console
  • Mii creation was announced that includes the ability to take a picture of your face to create a foundation where you can tweak as necessary
  • A Virtual Console with Gameboy, Gameboy Color, and Gameboy Advance games will be for purchase
  • All VC games will be in 3D
  • A cradle is included that will allow for faster wireless upload and download while simultaneously charging the console
  • Multitasking will be possible. Reports show that you will be able to surf the web or browse the Home menu while a game is playing in the background
  • A background wireless beacon of sorts will always be running and sending data back and forth even when in sleep mode. If it runs while the system is off remains to be seen
  • The console will sport a bulkier 1.5 GB of internal storage as opposed to the DSi’s 256 MB and the DS fat/Lite’s 256 KB
  • The 3DS will also feature a significantly higher amount of RAM as well. It will house 64 MB in comparison to the DSi’s 16 MB and the DS fat/Lite’s 4 MB
  • The system is capable of 3D movie playback

So it looks quite impressive. The only things that bother me personally are the price and the colours that will be available. 300 dollars is incredibly steep BUT with conversion rates, we may see it at $250. The problem with the colours is that THERE’S NO FUCKING PURPLE! We get black, red, and blue but no bloody purple. Goddammit…

Come on, look at it. Look how sexy it is.

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