American McGee decided to be relevant again with Alice: Madness Returns

After years of seemingly retreating underground after the release of the, umm, interesting game, American McGee Present’s: Bad Day LA, the country named developer comes back in style!

Can you believe it has been 10 years since American McGee released his classic game, Alice, which was highly praised and subsequently stolen by Tim Burton? Finally a second chapter to the story is about to be released. While technically announced in 2009, this years Tokyo Game Show revealed a new CGI trailer as well as some in game screenshots that chilled the bones and goosed the bumps.

While it seems like American has not done anything in awhile, he didn’t completely disappear after the release of Bad Day LA in 2006. The next year he formed his own development studio called Spicy Horse and released American McGee’s: Grimm, an episodic game series based entirely around the Brothers Grimm fairy tales, with his trademark creepiness and imagery exclusively through GameTap.

I’m hopeful for this game. EA has already proven to the gaming community that they are willing to actually try new IP’s and original games, so I’m sure that as long as American can use his creative mind to it’s full effect, this game will give fans what they desire and new comers a mind bending experience.

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